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About us and who we are.

Founded in 2015, the RoyalSP Aviation & Lifestyle Alliance is a community that is all about Aviation and Lifestyle. Our members are spread all over the world and come from more than 30 countries. Seperated into Virtual Aviation-, PlaneSpotting- and Lifestyle-Sectors, the RoyalSP offers endless possibilities to participate and to be a part of one of the biggest aviation communities.

RoyalSirPlus Group


In our monthly published magazine we present our readers a more detailed view into the RoyalSP-Community with its three sections. Written by our press department, the "ThePLUS-Magazine" includes the most relevant topics of each months. From the top Planespotting-Highlights over to our Livestyle-Chapter, the magazine includes everything important for the RSP, its families and friends.

1k and Climbing! What could your RSP experience be?

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